Audition Masterclass

WAP Workout 8: The Audition Masterclass – Keep your eyes peeled for new dates!

28th May 2013, The T.R.A.P, 5 mins from London Bridge Station. 10.15am – 6pm

£55 Standard, £50 Returning Member.

WAP Workout returns with a special Audition Masterclass for professional actors.  The day begins with a pre-audition physical and vocal warm-up, then we spend the morning working on a two minute audition speech you have brought. In the afternoon it’s mock audition time. Using a scene which has been specially selected for you and sent to you two days earlier, we recreate a theatre audition environment in which we can work on interview technique, redirection and how to deal with the pitfalls you may come across, such as reading scenes with a non-actor!   For the last section of the day we have a look at cold reading for film and TV auditions.

Audition Masterclass


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