STAUNCH worked beautifully… an interesting plot line, quickly introduced characters, quirky one-liners and important emotional themes…STAUNCH paired brothers Chris and Stephen Leask as brothers at their father’s funeral…Lovely emotional moments as well as some wonderful humour.

Chris Hislop for One Stop Arts on Staunch, Arcola (Miniaturists)

It is not often one goes to the theatre and in the space of 70 minutes experiences stomach wrenching laughter and tear stained cheeks. What a treat Chris Urch’s Vote of No Confidence is for the audience… An intimate and gutsy piece… they have certainly left me wanting more. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Melissa D’Arcy – Remote Goat on Vote of No Confidence, Theatre 503

The standout performances and direct nature of the script makes this a captivating piece of theatre.★ ★ ★ ★ 

London Fringe Festival Front Page on BENDERWaterloo East Theatre

From the moment Anna Jordan’s cast of five bursts onto the stage, joshing and skirmishing, her helter-skelter account of the last evening in the life of a street gang grips the attention and never lets it go. She draws from her actors a great sense of youthful energy thrusting to express itself… Anna Jordan is an interesting and exciting new voice in the theatre.

Jeremy Kingston, Times Theatre Critic, on Just For Fun – Totally Random, New End Theatre

Exhilirating…hilarious antics and witticisms of the protagonists take place at breakneck speed.  BENDER draws the viewer in…This production is sure to get the heart racing.★ ★ ★ ★

Fourthwall Magazine on BENDERWaterloo East Theatre

Expertly delivered with punch and subtlety…entrancing performances delivered on a bare stage.

Whatsonstage on ShortStuff,  Waterloo East Theatre

Jordan has the knack of painting a character immediately…But she also leaves something to be discovered later on, which is one reason why these short plays are so absorbing…Sad and humorous – and always true.

London SE1 on ShortStuffWaterloo East Theatre

A high-octane ride…which never feels less than authentic.  The fresh energy of Bender is exciting and is the kind of play that speaks to teenagers (and the teenagers inside of us).

The Public Reviews on BENDERWaterloo East Theatre

First-rate performances combined with a witty and well-written script by Anna Jordan on ShortStuffWaterloo East Theatre

ShortStuff is real, it is now, it is outside your front door as you read this.  There wasn’t a bad performance from anyone in this great little trilogy. But they did have fantastic scripts to work from.

Southwark News on ShortStuff, Waterloo East Theatre

A sharp script, infused with humour and telling insight and brought to life by three excellent performances.

Camden Gazette on BENDERWaterloo East Theatre

It’s a great piece – fizzing dialogue, enough sadness beneath the comedy for it not to seem flippant, skilful performances… refreshingly realistic …a play that is at its heart about the uncertainties of the future and of leading a meaningful existence.

 Stet Journal on BENDERWaterloo East Theatre

This is a beautiful and rhythmical piece that finds connections between the most unlikely of neighbours

 Anthea Williams, Bush Theatre on Closer To God – Winner, Off Cut Festival 2009

Just For Fun – Totally Random is a vibrant piece of theatre that brings to life the “street culture” generation,… an audience can understand and empathise with its characters and their ultimately violent actions. This is a credit to both the writing and the fantastic performances of the cast.

Shaka Bunsie, Old Vic New Voices

Tense and poignant drama. Anna Jordan demonstrates her highly adaptable writing skills here… powerful performances. on ShortStuff, Waterloo East Theatre