By Chris Urch / directed by Anna Jordan

Watch the Vote Of No Confidence Promo Video

Watch the Vote Of No Confidence Promo Video

We’re invisible to you aren’t we? Well not any longer. Now you can see us in all our glory. Now we’ve got your undivided attention.’  Koby’s obsessed with the Rocky movies, Jamie dreams of being eaten alive, and Craig just wants revenge. Following their brother’s death in Iraq, three siblings take the law into their own hands and will fight to the death for what they believe; because sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons.

WAP presented Chris Urch’s debut full length play Vote of No Confidence, directed by Anna Jordan as part of LabFest at Theatre 503.  Starring Alex Papadakis, Josh McCord, Katie West, Lynn Howes and Sohm Kapila. WAP were delighted to have a total sell out run at this great theatre.

It’s not often one goes to the theatre and in the space of 70 minutes experiences stomach wrenching laughter and tear stained cheeks. What a treat Chris Urch’s Vote of No Confidence is, they have certainly left me wanting more. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Melissa D’Arcy – Remote Goat on Vote of No Confidence.

Vote of No Confidence by Chris Urch