WAP Writers’ Network

WAP Writers Network is a fast growing community of writers with a passion for theatre.  As a supportive and mutually nurturing network, its purpose is to pass on details any opportunities, offers, competitions and festivals in the world of writing.  And the network are the first to hear about WAP’s shows and events, with special offers thrown in. Oh, and it’s totally free. Woo hoo.  So if you would like to be part of it drop an email to info@withoutapaddletheatre.co.uk with WAP Writers Network in the subject line – and then be sure to pass on any exciting news you hear!

I’m signed up to various information sites for playwriting news but I have to say that the one that seems have all the best opportunities is the ‘WAP Writers Network’ I have had several short plays put on by companies such as 503, The Space, The Writers Avenue… and all of these chances were facilitated by emails from Anna. 

Sean Cook – Writer

WAP Writers Network is a wonderful resource for playwrights and writers in general.  The information is hot and accurate and extremely helpful.  There is a good feeling about WAP – a friendliness and spirit of camaraderie, a supportive community of writers who care about writing and theatre, a generosity and an encouragement which is very positive for us all.

John Foster – Writer