WAP Script Mate

WAP Script Reading Service
Do you have a finished script but have no idea where to send it, and would like some constructive feedback?  Are you half way through a script and not sure how to move forward?  Do you have a short play you want to enter for a competition but would like someone to offer feedback first?  Perhaps you just want a professional opinion?

WAP can help. Email us your script and within three weeks we will provide you with packed and detailed feedback report – crammed with constructive criticism and suggestions of new ways to develop your work. (Time scale can be discussed). WAP includes practical stuff too – such as exercises and suggestions on where to send your work, if you wish! The script reports are written by Anna Jordan, WAP’s AD.

Prices as follows:

Plays under 25 pages – £40, Plays 25 pages – 50 pages £60,  Plays over 50 pages – £75

Send your script to withoutapaddletheatre@yahoo.co.uk with Script Reading Service in the Subject line.  We will then send you a payment request through PayPal or arrange alternative method if needed.

You hit all the nails on the head…giving me all the specific feedback I needed and your positive and constructive approach is simply fantastic! I’m now confident I know how I’ll have to re-structure and re-write my play.

Fernando Graca